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Once the unit was up and running I tried a few other modes. It plays PCM formats too of course, and with Volumio is easily controlled using a mobile device, thanks to the touch-friendly web UI. Don’t waste your time with DSD. If you squint at this image you will see that the 5. That said, it is possible to find some examples that are captured straight to DSD; this can work well for live recording. The record companies would not like it, he said.❿

Audirvana synology free download.Synology Community

It is a touch bright and can get a little strident at higher volumes. One of the odd things was that little music was played, maybe 10 minutes out of a one and a half hour presentation. This perhaps is a good reason not to play music directly from a PC or Mac; but the counter-argument is that using your existing computer reduces the box-count and expense of streaming, and that the flexibility and processing power of desktop computer is handy too. What was notable to me was that Sony never demonstrated high-res vs CD quality, played only one DSD track, and used mostly older recordings. Is it the same for you? So what does Audirvana offer?


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Приведу ссылку that this is well beyond what humans can hear. The Z1ES runs Linux internally, hence the requirement for Ext4, but Linux can mount other file formats successfully so a future firmware update will likely remove this limitation.❿

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