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Windows 10 change user folder path free

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You источник статьи now see the User Accounts window. Be sure to set your new account name to what you want the changw folder to be. User Comments : Post Comment. Too technical. Robert Emma on How to create a strong password.❿

How to Move Your User Folders in Windows 10. Windows 10 change user folder path free


Redirecting the Users folder is not recommended because it would lead to installation failure of future updates. How much space are you able to gain if you move Downloads, Documents, Desktop folder to the other drive which officially is supported? At the end of the article, you can see the tutorials for other folders too, like Downloads and Documents.

You would be prompted to move the existing contents for which you need to press yes. Keep us posted. Content on the above blog is written by a Windows MVP so it is safe. However, do watch out for the ads. In reply to Sumit Independent Advisor ‘s post on January 22, Yes, you can change these settings too.

As apps include Games, many people move the same to D drive too as Games size can be large as well. Simply click the three vertical dots at the top right corner of the browser, and then click Settings. Click the Advanced dropdown menu in the left menu bar, and hit Downloads. From here, click Change next to the default folder location, and then select your new Downloads home.

For Firefox, click the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the browser, and select Options. Scroll down the page until you see the “Downloads” heading. Next to the selection that reads Save files to , hit Browse. You can then locate and redirect downloads to your newly-created folder. If you really want a sense of organization on your computer, you’ll want to specify the type of content that’s going to be in your new folders.

Right-click the folder of your choice in File Explorer, select Properties, and open the Customize tab. Depending on whether you’re storing documents, images, music files, or videos, making this tweak will ensure that the folder is properly optimized. Lastly, you’ll want to customize your Quick Access menu and add your new user folders to it.

This is as simple as right-clicking the folder and hitting Pin to Quick access. Just don’t forget to right-click any out-of-commission user folders, and select Unpin from Quick access as well.

Moving your Windows user folder to optimize space may seem like a relatively innocuous change, but it can easily cause some major problems. Whenever you tinker with settings related to the foundations of your operating system, there’s a possibility that you might cause some real damage.

Microsoft makes tools like Sysprep for enterprise use in very specific situations. Windows Central Windows Central. Mauro Huculak. Topics Windows 10 Help. See all comments Good advice and article.

Well, you’ll be relieved to know that apparently OneDrive now does that automatically with fresh installs. How did I find out? After a format, my OneDrive exploded because it tried to upload some 50GB of my game saves.

Also, for everyone who can’t put the directory out of OneDrive: log out of OneDrive. Otherwise, it may error out. That’s an option that defaults to This PC only. Aha, good to know thanks. I assume I’ll still ahve to do some manual repointing even with the new settings?

Been doing this for the past twenty five years Mauro Huculak, you’re doing a great job out here, a thanks wouldn’t sum it up. Takes me a few seconds to move user folders on a new install. How do you change OneDrive to another drive? Can you use an SD card as the other drive? I moved the default folders Download , Documents, Desktop , etc a while ago and everything was fine, until I installed the “Windows 10 April Update”. You internet security settings blocked one of more files from being opened I tried everything but nothing seems to work, except of moving the folders Desktop, Downloads, etc.

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How to Change User Folder Name in Windows 10 – 2 Ways

That said, it’s worth taking stock of how to move user folders to another drive in Windows 10, as certain methods can have some seriously undesirable effects. Q: Can I use this technique on other version of Windows? Although moving folders one at a time introduces additional steps, you’ll avoid potential problems, which may be something that could happen while moving the main account folder. Depending on the size of the files that you have the process of moving the files may take some time. Jon Martindale has been a feature tech writer for more than 10 years. Receive email from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors. This means you’ll need to open your web browser and select a new Downloads destination. Restart your computer to make the changes take effect. You can repeat this same process for all of the individual folders that you want to move. If you try to free up disk space or change file location, moving these folders are works.❿

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