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Can’t wait to see those 2 small paragraphs. Edge is a still second-rate browser no matter how MS spin it. But a fair warning, this update takes a long time to install. Retrieved February 20, November 11, Retrieved November 16, ❿


Windows 10 creators update edition – Here’s a more detailed list of what’s new in the Windows 10 Creators Update


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Depending on when it was put together, the new laptop or PC you just unboxed may or may not have Windows 10 Creators Update installed. It’s a major update that was released in April and one to which you should upgrade. Microsoft isn’t so forward as to slap Creators Update branding all over Windows so you’ll need understand Microsoft’s numbering system for the different versions of Windows and where to find such information.

Web icon An illustration of a computer application window Wayback Machine Texts icon An illustration of an open book. Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Tallenna ja sulje mahdollisesti avoinna olevat sovellukset ja tiedostot. Kun olet valmis, valitse Asenna.

Tarkista seuraavat seikat tietokoneessa, johon haluat asentaa Windows n: tai bittinen suoritin. You can’t have a PDF reader without a page rotate option!! I can’t find a search option in the Photos app. The name is not terrible but wrong! Creators use tablets. So why no improvements there? This is designed for tablets: This should have nothing to do with PC’s but it does.. Thanks dpshits! Did they make Edge work properly with scroll bars in websites yet? Doesn’t even work on their own Outlook.

Edge is like all microsoft products.. F-ed up. No mouse aceleration unless your software for you mouse acts up. Can Cortana be disabled altogether? I’d like to hear more about broadcasting, not for games but potentially for other things like podcasts.

I believe you do that for the Windows Central podcast? How does that work? I believe they gave the answer to that on a show. They are recording the raw audio file using voice recorder, I think. The broadcast tool is Xsplit, I think it is called : Twitter Zac about it, or have a look at the Ask Dan section of the forum :. I had a feeling Night Light was going to be stripped down in terms of functionality when it first came out. That hour or so of gradual transition is a must, so it looks like I’ll stick with f.

Can Cortana turn off the computer in this update? I live in Ireland. In my opinion Cortana should be enabled by Language choice, not by region. It works by understanding language. Actually, Cortana works by both. It needs to be available in both the language and region you are, simply because it delivers results based on your current location. It would be pretty awkward for you to receive answers based on US data, right?

I too live in Ireland and can use cortana. Very grateful for the attached video. I’ll got installed the new Windows 10 today and it seems going well so far. I want to reinstall Windows 10 on my Dell Inspiron The NEW creators edition is a waste of time and effrort. D3D errors all over and games refuse to load. What the hell IS the CReators edition but a version that appeals to a select few and tries to act in gamers favor yet failing to do justice to any. Had it installed for a week, all fine until I tried to play games..

D3D error even with newest vnidia drivers. Game mode: wow a DVR that works but only just. This is a bogus windows update: It only does things for tablet users game mode is shody and incomplete D3d error crashes a lot of games Thius version needs a MAJOR rework before it even gets thought of shipping to pc’s I tried it for a week and had so many problems it wasn’t worth my time.

From sound cards to video cards to program updates to support the new windows version I installed the Creators update release preview on April 5th, and the built in cameras of my Lenovo all-in-one immediately stopped working – the Hello image login would not work, nor would Skype, or camera apps – cryptic message about a background app already using camera but no way to identify what that background app is.

Today I rolled back to the previous version and set my internet to metered to try to avoid installing creators update as long as possible. For me, Creators Update resulted in: Corrupted icons Icons in the taskbar tray simply disappearing Programs that quit without warning or notice Trend Micro Random program crashes variety Random reboots Spontaneous instant power off without warning during games Apps that refuse to run until reinstalled True Image refusing to either upgrade or uninstall There’s probably more that’s all I can remember at the moment.

I was on it for 10 miserable problem plagued days. I finally gave up and did a restore from backup back to and all is well and stable again. Never again. They could have hold onto the naming for later and call this a maintainence update which is what we were getting all the time.

I’m enjoying the Creators Update so far, but I have to say this line: “There’s no way to turn off updates in Windows 10 still, and that’s a good thing” is completely laughable. There is no way restricting an average user from controlling what software a corporation pushes to your computer can ever be advocated as a “good thing”, even with the defense of “oh but it’s Windows as a service!!

I’m not saying Microsoft pushes malware or actively bad software onto Windows 10 right now, but the problem is they have the ability to , and the inability of Windows users to restrict this means you are completely entrusting your computer to a third party. I got all 8 PC’s in the house upgrade to Creators. It’s scary how far the boomers are falling behind now, clinging to their Windows 7. How can a site so glaringly biased, staffed by fanboys actually write a sensible, coherant, impartial review of something like this?

You completely gush with enthusiasm for no reason other than you can. Would you have written anything else? Could you not stand back for just a few minutes and really see what the point of all this is? The general consensus is that the ‘CU’ is nothing special. Minor updates rolled up to make it look a bigger release than it really is. Cortana is still a telemetry slurping nightmare. Edge is a still second-rate browser no matter how MS spin it.

Windows 10 is still really just a platform designed to push MS services, even more littered with ads than ever before, designed by MS for MS. MS want control of the desktop. They want control of the user, and their data. They want user lock-in. They want people to buy from their app store – desperately.

Windows used to be about the user, who was front and centre, but now the user is just their to be monetised, and Windows 10 is the conduit for that. It’s scary, and it’s just wrong. Just one option to turn all this off would have made all the difference, but MS couldn’t help themselves. So once again Microsoft push out an update that, at least on W10M breaks more than it fixes without adding any particulary useful functions.

One of the very few useful W10M apps was from Barclays Bank but as with previous so call W10M updates it has been broken by this ‘creators update’. No response from Microsoft to all the feedback complaints of course and Barclays simply texted users to say they will isse a fix but give not timescale for that. Seems neither the software giant or banking giant learn from past mistakes on this. By the way anyone with the problem, following the instruction to factoy reset your device will not fix this issue – just waste hours of you time.

The CU also broke the new email notification sounds – again – on W10M phones. This seems to happen with every major phone OS update but – again – no one at Microsoft seems capable of resolving the problem. Last time this occured on my Lumia LTE I spent countless hours on forums and elsewhere followed all the ‘fixes’ but in the end it just started working again so I suppose MSFT issued a ‘silent’ fix or something. Apart from these retrograde steps I have found precisely nothing of note or any advantage whatsoever with this ‘update’.

Do not upgrade to this it black screened my computer and there was nothing I could do to get it up and runing again besides a whole format and reinstall of windows 7. Thank you so much windos for your shoty work. This is the reason why people hate to upgrade your products. I’m am so pissed it isn’t even funny. Sounds like it may be a day late for you though. Sorry for your loss I share some frustrations with those that came before me. Mine have been HDR display and Font related issues.

Outlook was also a blank slate with only envelope icons and lines. Following some input on an nvidia thread, I deactivated the Game Bar and briefly regained some of my Outlook text, but then as I continued to use the software, the text would disappear again.

I was successful in backing out to the previous version, but then began to receive 0xc errors when trying to open any browser or even “Settings”. Good times. Not sure where to go from here, but for now have disable Feature Updates in Advanced Settings. My Lumia got the CU update a couple days ago. Been noticing a few quirks, like the Camera app closing after taking a few pics. Considering a hard reset to go fresh, but have never done that before and little unsure what it entails.

Any tips? On my Lumia after updating to CU the screen is blinking when watching youtube videos in landscape mode, the bug disappears when you keep in portrait mode.

Another great way to take advantage of the Creators Update is to purchase a new Windows 10 PC from Surface or our partners. And, in case you missed it, yesterday we announced new creativity apps with unique capabilities for Surface Dial. Now with the Creators Update, you have a new app called Paint 3D and access to an online creative community at Remix3D. The all-new Paint 3D allows you to create or modify 3D objects, easily change color or texture, or turn 2D images into 3D works of art. To launch Paint 3D, click here.

With Remix3D. With the Creators Update, built-in game streaming with Beam is the easiest and most interactive way to stream your gameplay on Windows This offers everyone the opportunity to showcase their creativity as a game broadcaster.


Find out if your PC is running Windows 10 Creators Update – CNET. Windows 10 creators update edition

This is an Insider Preview Build of Windows 10 Creators Update. (the uploader): great job on preserving another beta version of Windows! Version (original release) · Version (November Update) · Version (Anniversary Update) · Version (Creators Update) · Version. Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) · bit or bit processor (CPU). You’ll create either the bit or bit version of Windows 10 that’s appropriate.

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