Glarry 61

If you happen to come across the FP-10 online or in a local store, I recommend picking it up over the Casio CDP-S150. The Recital Pro is an affordable piano that’s easy to use and sacrifices only a little in feel and performance features. Desertcart provides a seamless and secure shopping platform with 100 million+ products from around the globe delivered to your door. Easy to assemble, and my wife was playing right a way……sounds good and has a ton of options. Designed with three modes of power suppli of power adapter,USB port, built-in lithium battery. After a full charge, you can use it continuously for 5 hours.

If you’ve already spent time playing an acoustic piano, playing the Roland FP-10 will feel closer to that experience than playing the Casio CDP-S150, which might be why two of our testers preferred its feel. We all said that its digital piano sound was better than the Casio’s, although only marginally. In order to use the CDP-S150 with the Chordana Play app, you need to connect your mobile device to the keyboard’s USB Type-B port, as there is no Bluetooth connectivity. Although most people probably have a USB charge cable lying around, it’s likely a Type A cable, not a Type B cable, so an extra cable purchase is required. Plus, the cable is an extra thing to carry for that functionality. This sort of design is a bit behind the times, as other keyboards around this price (including the Roland FP-10) can quickly connect via Bluetooth for a much easier app experience.

The damper pedal is interesting but fair and I haven’t figured out what that middle pedal is supposed to do on this thing. Something that doesn’t matter as much to me but is interesting to note is that there are supposed to be a whole bunch of sounds. There are about 134 or so and then they repeat with just a slight change in sound. So you’ll get the harp and then harp-1, harp-2, etc In my mind that means that there are only just over 130 sounds vs 800. I don’t know how it compares to others of this price range. I am glad to have it and my children will be able to get more than they were from their electric keyboard with 61 keys with zero dynamic capabilities or weight to the keys.

The headphones are a plus when you are practicing the piano. Everything is working like I expected on the piano. For assembly though, the short and long screws looked the same on the picture, so you have to do trials and errors to see which goes where. But once we figured it out, assembly was not so hard.

This is a great alternative for a parent that doesn’t want to blow a lot of cash for something their not sure if their child is going to stick with in terms of lessons, meaning its a lot of piano for very little cost. All I can say about the weighted key is that they feel better than most of the other portable type pianos. It’s usable, get what you pay for in sound quality, is what it is…

We recommend getting a third-party pedal such as the M-Audio SP-2—this piano’s lower price compared with our other picks more than makes up for that extra cost. You handle all instrument selection with six buttons on the console . Buttons for modulation, chorus, and reverb effects are provided, and the piano’s display shows all the settings and parameters. You can adjust the Recital Pro’s metronome function to any setting from 30 to 280 bpm, and the speed appears on the display. The Roland FP-10 isn’t as low-profile and shallow as the Casio CDP-S150, but it is a couple of inches less in width. And at just under 28 pounds, the Roland is still relatively light, albeit a few pounds heavier than the Casio.

But, when you plug in the headphones it does work, but you can still hear the sound outside (i.e. while playing it with headphones it’s still heard without it). I don’t really know how to fix it, but for now, the piano itself is okay. Generally speaking, we arrange for shipment within 48 hours after placing the order. Individual orders may be delayed due to temporary shortages.

The higher keys sound like a piano but the mid-range where we play most things sounds off. When you push dynamics the volume gets really quiet. The sustain softens the sound even more and doesn’t have a great sustain quality.

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