Barbell Weight Training – Gym Exercises For Maximum Fitness

Barbell weight sets are big, unwieldy, heavy items of fitness equipment. However, if you need to use heavy weight around the house, they are necessary. If you have the room and the tools, you will want a large barbell weight set. “If you’ve never worked out with weights in your life, this can be scary at first,” says Matt Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the fitness center At-omas. “But once you get comfortable doing exercises with heavier weights, it’s much easier to get the body you’ve always wanted.”

The biggest difference between weight lifting and traditional barbell weight sets is how many plates you can lift. Barbell weights generally allow you to lift between eight to ten pounds. With standard barbell weights, you may be limited to four or five pounds. Lifting this amount of weight allows you to get stronger and lose more weight much faster. When you lift higher weights, it also enables you to target various muscles throughout your body. You can build muscles of all muscle groups – chest, arms, legs, shoulders, abs, and back.

In addition to being a great way to lose weight, barbell sets are easy to transport to the gym, home, or to your next workout spot when traveling. You can even take them with you to the office, which is nice because you don’t have to pay to bring a huge weight set right into the office. You can also easily throw barbells in a bag or back pocket, instead of having to carry around a huge dumbbell that can make you feel tired after just an hour of using it at home.

One exercise that gives you a huge advantage over the competition at the gym is the squat. Although many people think of the squat as a secondary exercise for their bench press, doing the squat with just a regular bench press will give you a huge workout. The squat works out both the quadriceps and hamstrings as well as the back of the leg, giving your legs a ton of work. Click here for more information about Weight Lifting Equipment.

Another great exercise to do is the power clean. If you haven’t been working out for awhile, try doing a rep fitness machine like the power clean. Even if you do not lift heavy weights, the power clean is still a great workout. Simply perform the clean by lifting the barbell straight up until it is at the height of your forehead. Then lower it slowly back down to the starting position.

The last thing that I am going to discuss is working out with a barbell at home. If you are trying to get in shape and get stronger at the gym, try a home fitness gym. You can use whatever weight that you feel comfortable with and either do some curls or squats. These workouts give you maximum results, even if they are not heavy, because you are using your muscles for motion.

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