After the admission of Hawaii and Alaska

The House is organized into committees. House members are divided into specialized committees for procedural and legislative purposes. Members of the House serve two-year terms and are elected from single-member districts of approximately equal population. Members must be at least twenty-five years old, be U.S. citizens, and reside in the state in which they were elected. They may also conduct investigations. You can find out more about these committees by reading the following:

The United States House of Representatives is the lower chamber of the U.S. Congress. The House meets in the south wing of the United States Capitol. The Speaker of the House is elected by the members. The Republican Conference and the Democratic Caucus select other floor leaders. The 116th Congress began on Jan. 3, 2017. There are a total of 435 members in the House. Each member of Congress has two votes, and a majority of all representatives is required to be elected.

The House of Representatives is made up of four hundred and fifty-five members. The number has fluctuated over time, but it has never been more than two-thirds of the population. Originally, the House comprised 59 members, but that number increased after the U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1790. The first Congress adjourned with 65 representatives. After the admission of Hawaii and Alaska, two more representatives were added to the House. The next legislative apportionment authorized 435 House members.

The speaker’s influence grew significantly during the late 19th century, particularly during the tenure of Republican Thomas Brackett Reed, who was nicknamed “Czar Reed” and believed that a single party should rule the country. The speaker had a minority leader, who served as the leader of the minority party. The minority leader was the party’s representative in the House. The majority leader was the party’s representative, and he was subordinate to the speaker.

Speakers also serve as chairpersons of the party steering committee. Speakers appoint most members of the House’s committees. They appoint all members of the Rules Committee and most of the House’s conference committees. They select the chairs of these committees. Speakers also serve as leaders of their parties. Minority party speakers may be elected with the majority of party members. In this case, they rank second in the presidential succession.

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