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Adobe illustrator cs5 crop image free

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If you click on the word “Unconstrained”, you’ll open a menu with various aspect ratios we can choose from. I’ll choose the 2×3 4×6 ratio as an example:. Photoshop instantly snaps the crop box into the aspect ratio we chose. We can then resize the box by dragging the handles knowing that our aspect ratio is safely locked in place:. If you need to crop your image to a less common aspect ratio, one not found in the list, you can easily create your own custom aspect ratio by entering the values you need into the width and height boxes directly to the right of the list:.

To quickly rotate your crop box from landscape horizontal to portrait vertical orientation and vice versa, click the Rotate icon in the Options Bar:. I’ll click the icon, and now my crop box has switched from landscape to portrait orientation. To switch back to landscape mode, I can just click the Rotate icon again. There’s also a keyboard shortcut for switching between portrait and landscape mode.

Press the letter X on your keyboard to jump back and forth between them:. To move and reposition your image inside the crop box, click anywhere inside the box and, with your mouse button held down, drag the image into place. If you’ve been using an earlier version of Photoshop, you’ll notice a big change here with CS6. In previous versions, dragging the mouse would move the crop box around in front of the image while the image itself stayed in place.

With CS6, we get the exact opposite. The crop box now stays in place while the image moves around inside of it! It’s tough to see in a static screenshot, but my crop box actually hasn’t moved. It’s the photo itself that’s moving as I drag it around with my mouse:. You may have noticed in the screenshots that a grid overlay has been appearing inside my crop box. By default, Photoshop CS6 shows us a 3×3 grid known as the Rule of Thirds , which states that when cropping the image, you should place the main subject of your photo at one of the spots where the horizontal and vertical grid lines intersect.

Of course, that’s just a general guideline that may or may not work well with your particular image. The Rule of Thirds is just one of several different overlays in CS6 that we can choose from, and we can select them from the View option in the Options Bar:.

Simply click on the words “Rule of Thirds” or whichever overlay is currently listed to open the menu, then choose a different overlay from the list. I’ll choose the Grid overlay:.

And now we can see a more detailed grid appearing inside my crop box. You can also cycle through the various overlays from your keyboard. Just press the letter O repeatedly to cycle through the list:. If you look below the list of overlays in the View option, you’ll find three additional options that control when the overlay actually appears. If you want the overlay to remain on screen at all times, choose Always Show Overlay.

The Auto Show Overlay option, which is my favorite, will only show the overlay while you’re resizing the crop box or repositioning the image, and will hide the overlay while you’re not making any changes so it’s not cluttering up the screen.

If you don’t want the overlay to appear at all, you can turn it off by choosing Never Show Overlay :. Photoshop CS6 gives us a couple of different ways to straighten an image using the Crop Tool. The first is by simply rotating the image manually.

To rotate it, move your mouse cursor anywhere outside of the crop box. You’ll see your cursor change into a curved line with an arrow on either end. Then, click outside the crop box and, with your mouse button held down, drag your mouse to rotate the image. The crop box will remain in place while the image itself rotates inside it. Photoshop automatically places a grid overlay inside the crop box to make it easier to judge when the image appears straight:.

Another way to straighten an image with the Crop Tool is by using the Straighten option in the Options Bar. Click on it to select it:.

With the Straighten option selected, look for something in your image that should be straight, either horizontally or vertically. The path must be on top of the image.

Step 3 : Right-click on the mouse and select Make Clipping Mask. Similar to the clipping mask method, but you can manipulate the image even more. Step 2 : Fill it white. The white area is the part of image that you will see after cropping. Step 4 : Find the Tranparency panel and click Make Mask. You can adjust the opacity level, change the blending mode, or just leave it as it is. Now comes the exciting part, you can also make a gradient image as you crop. Instead of filling it white, fill the shape with gradient black and white and make a mask.

If you want to move around the crop area, click on the mask that looks black and white , click and drag on the cropped image to adjust the crop area. The fastest way to crop an image into a circle is using the ellipse tool and make a clipping mask. Use the Elipse tool to draw a circle on top of your image, select both the circle and the image, and make a clipping mask. If you are talking about the Crop Tool, you must select your image to see the crop button.

If you are using the clipping mask or opacity mask method, you must have both the shape mask and the image selected to crop. First of all, make you place a high-resolution image in Illustrator for cropping. You can enlarge the image to crop it. Whether you want to remove the unwanted area or crop a shape from an image, the three methods above will get you what you want. Use the Crop Image button for a quick crop, and the others for more complex image cropping.

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1. Crop Tool. This is the quickest and easiest way to crop an image if you want to trim a photo in a rectangular shape. Step. Select your image with the Selection Tool. Then click the Crop Image button – comparable to a mask button – on the upper toolbar. Drag the corners/anchors of. for <= Illustrator CS6. You can not crop raster images in Illustrator. At least not with the standard Adobe installation.❿    

Adobe illustrator cs5 crop image free

for <= Illustrator CS6. You can not crop raster images in Illustrator. At least not with the standard Adobe installation. In this tutorial we will learn the use of Clipping Mask command to crop images in Adobe Illustrator CS5. 1. Open the image you want to crop. Rasterino requires Adobe Illustrator CS4, CS5, CS6 or Illustrator Creative Cloud version 17 on the Erasor Tool icon to reveal the Crop Image Tool. Drag-and-drop an image into an Illustrator artboard, or use File > Place If the image is linked, it will appear with a cross annotation over the entire image. As the title suggests, this is the easiest crop option for an image in Adobe.

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