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Irrespective of any other points, Rackspace’s support is pretty awesome and I think that is one area that they truly excel in. I found their products to be great and they do what they say on the tin but – it is the knowledge that should something terrible happen to the webserver or DBs then they have such a fantastic committed team who can solve even the squirliest of issues. All-Flash Storage Vendors. Application Security Tools. Backup and Recovery Software.

Endpoint Protection Software. SIEM Tools. Featured Categories. All Categories. OPNsense vs. Cisco Secure Firewall vs. Fortinet FortiGate. Jira vs. Microsoft Azure DevOps. Checkmarx vs. Cloudflare DNS vs. Microsoft Power Automate vs. Aruba Wireless vs. Microsoft Intune vs. KVM vs. Oracle VM VirtualBox. More Comparisons. Learn More. Sign In.

Avigail Sugarman. Are there any reasons to opt for Rackspace vs. Like 0. Rackspace Cloud [ Real User. This is my actual experience of Rackspace. Buyer’s Guide. Download Free Report.

Updated: December Related Questions. Ans Please check our company website blog link given below, where in I have compared the top three cloud providers. Read full answer. You point out Rackspace as a leader for IaaS. In my eyes this is not true in all points. For our customers and myself it would stick to the following: Rackspace Public Cloud is a developer-centric offering, and has appealed primarily to small businesses seeking a replacement for low-cost mass-market hosting. Although Rackspace now delivers a solid set of basic features, it has not been able to keep up with the pace of innovation of the market leaders, nor maintain a competitive price.

Rackspace is refocusing its business upon customers that need expert managed services for mission-critical needs, rather than trying to compete directly for self-managed cloud IaaS against hyperscale providers that can rapidly deliver innovative capabilities at very low cost, or against established IT vendors that have much greater resources and global sales reach.

The customer can perform OS reloads, power-cycle the server, or use the Intelligent Platform Management Interface IPMI connection to watch the server boot up as though the customer was standing in the data center with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse physically connected. Network Design for Availability and IMS Impact on Customers Environments Based on the configuration of SoftLayer s Network-Within-A-Network, with 3 network interfaces; if an outage occurs at a data center on the public network, the traffic will be routed and can traverse through the other established networks to provide continued availability of the server, by routing traffic to another data center and then utilizing the other networks to reach the server.

Also, based on SoftLayer s design of the environment, IMS is connected to the customers bare metal and virtual servers; however, any IMS outage that may occur will not have an impact on the customer s environments. IMS is set up separately from the customers environments, such that public and private traffic will still route even if IMS becomes unavailable. SoftLayer provides native IPv6 support for its publicly available services eliminating the need to tunnel to carry IPv6 over IPv4 networks, which in turn means that the networks are not limited by the diminishing pool of IPv4 addresses.

Page 4 of 7. The data center facilities are included within the scope of the report, however, other aspects of the services including the FedIMS system and its processes, are not included within the scope of this report.

SoftLayer also provides co-location services, security protection services, encryption certificates, virtualization services network, security, server, and storage , managed hosting solutions, backup and storage solutions. The accompanying description includes only those controls directly impacting SoftLayer s Platform Services and customers hosting environments utilizing SoftLayer s Platform Services, and does not include controls over other services.

SoftLayer also provides enterprise-class tools to help mitigate potential security risks and ensure availability. Tools provided by SoftLayer include, but are not limited to, load balancing, intrusion detection and prevention, standard and dedicated hardware firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, VeriSign and GeoTrust SSL Certificates.

SoftLayer s Platform provides infrastructure as a service for customers with bare metal servers, or a hybrid environment that encompasses bare metal servers and virtual servers. Future references to customers environments refers to customers bare metal, virtual servers, or hybrid set ups that include both bare metal and virtual servers.

The SoftLayer Platform is a modular platform that leverages a proprietary automated provisioning system using bare metal servers, virtual servers, storage, and networking services to integrate and provide highly-scalable private and hybrid Infrastructure as a Service IaaS. SoftLayer s Platform Services include the activities that are performed by SoftLayer for these customers, the physical and environmental security of the hardware, the network, the logical access restrictions, and customer support.

Many of the activities for SoftLayer s bare metal or virtual server are the same, and as such, the processes and controls that are included within the scope of this report are the same; and where there are differences in execution of the control, such notations are referenced. Data Center Facilities Each data center building may contain multiple server rooms SR , which are designated as separate areas of the data center, whether separated by a cage or through a room enclosure.

All facilities are secured from public access and protected collectively by redundancy in power, cooling, fire suppression, network connectivity and security.

Each server room is typically made up of one pod the initial go live date and modernization status of the server room determines whether it follows a pod structure or a legacy structure. Each pod is built to the same specifications to support up to 5, servers.

Leveraging this standardization across all geographic locations, SoftLayer optimizes key data center performance variables including: space, power, network, personnel, and internal infrastructure.

SoftLayer provides Platform Services out of 17 locations, as of October 31, and uses multiple telecom service providers for backbone connectivity and multiple co-location management providers for data center facility management.

Page 5 of 7. Production Network The production network encompasses the public network, the private network, and the management network described above. Master Backend Routers MBR are the most critical network devices for managing the security and availability of the production network. Redundant Master Backend Routers are installed in each data center as part of the production network infrastructure.

Significant changes made to these devices have the potential to affect both security and availability of the Platform Services provided by SoftLayer. Other network devices exist within the production network, such as the Frontend Customer Router, the Backend Customer Router, and the production network switches.

These devices have not been included within this assessment based on management s determination that failures of these network devices would have a much lower impact on the security and availability of the production network. This system description does not include the SoftLayer Corporate network. Page 6 of 7. It is based on SoftLayer s robust Open API Library and allows customers to fully manage their environments through discrete services, and other automated functions.

Management capabilities include system and network management, account management, ordering and deployment, and customer support. The Customer Portal allows customers to: Create and manage tickets for incident response and resolution Review account information View information and some configuration data regarding their purchased solutions Perform functions such as OS reloads, and access RescueLayer Maintain firewall and DNS configurations that affect their bare metal servers Purchase or upgrade services which initiates the automated provisioning process for new systems SoftLayer personnel also have access to IMS to set up and configure purchased solutions, assist in troubleshooting technical issues, and responding to customer requests.

Ticket queues are predefined in IMS, and as ticket requests are received and prioritized, the tickets are routed to the specified team to resolve. Page 7 of 7. Webtrends Inc. The platform built to perform.

No two clouds are built the same way. SoftLayer gives you the highest performing. Bookmark not defined. Major differentiators This document will outline your first few hours as a customer and hopefully answer all initial questions. Server administration is a challenging task. All Rights Reserved.

Executive Summary Hosting and datacenter services provider. Problems: Client operations are unique and require more than a one-size-fits-all solution they need hybrid hosting to virtualization,. This document will outline your first 48 hours as a customer and hopefully answer all initial questions. Dedicated server administration is a challenging task.

Infrastructure on the Cloud Faster, Easier, Economical Global cloud leader Formed by 10 industry veterans in Model predicated on software-driven infrastructure Unencumbered by early-industry legacy. We are a security company that protects businesses. Architecture and operational responsibilities.

The company s flagship product, the YubiKey, uniquely. Ayla Networks, Inc. CenturyLink Cloud Infrastructure, application services, and managed services – all in a single, integrated platform Businesses like yours are moving their apps to CenturyLink Cloud. All signs point to. Proposed Interconnection Capacity Collocation Equipment Requirements YubiCloud Service Version 1. The company s flagship product, the YubiKey, uniquely combines. Building robust private cloud services infrastructures By Brian Gautreau and Gong Wang Private clouds optimize utilization and management of IT resources to heighten availability.

Microsoft Private Cloud. Your Global Network Integrator www. Cloud Computing One Source Networks An Introduction Who we are One Source Networks is committed to being the network partner of choice for the global enterprise Redefining what your network and your provider.

The most basic security protection is achieved by pro-actively monitoring and intercepting. Hosted SharePoint: Questions every provider should answer Deciding to host your SharePoint environment in the Cloud is a game-changer for your company.

The potential savings surrounding your time and money. In addition to the specific. VMware provides security for the aspects. Datasheet: Check Point Virtual Systems Check Point taps the power of virtualization to simplify security for private clouds Looking for ways to reduce complexity and simplify network security in your private. The solutions that are part of the Noah. WealthEngine or the Company. Contents Scope of this Document September 18, Security from a customer s perspective Using a cloud-based talent management program can deliver tremendous benefits to your organization, including aligning your workforce, improving.

What You Will Learn Public sector organizations without the budget to build a private cloud can consider public cloud services. The drawback until now has been tenants limited ability to implement their. Log in Registration.

Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Sarah Harris 7 years ago Views:. Similar documents. Lifesize Cloud, Architecture. More information.



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