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If you need to transport a vehicle either to or from New York, they are usually shipped in separate containers. Though quite a few sea carriers permit partial containers with a mix of household goods. We can handle the shipment either way and will advise you on your best options when moving forward. Generally, it takes around three to five weeks on the ocean depending on where your final destination is. This only accounts for the time on the water as all other variables depend on the shipment.

Fortunately, Adams Van Lines provides loading and unloading, packing, transportation, and storage – all in one, convenient, NY moving company. International Van Lines has been dubbed, “the best moving company” by a variety of large outlets. With a huge presence in just about every state in the nation, IVL can handle both short- and long-distance moves.

Choosing-by-the-hour pricing can work for smaller moving jobs–especially if you want to have your friends and family help out with packing and unpacking. Ninety percent of our New York moving customers end up choosing the flat fixed rate option, which may be the most cost-effective way to go on large moves. Since 1972 West Side Movers has been a New York City staple for moving, storage, boxes and supplies. Our movers will professionally wrap and prepare furniture prior to moving as standard with every reservation. Moving is arduous, and most people feel stressful the moment a move decision is made.

Movers offer varying degrees of flexibility, depending upon where you need it. PODS, for example, provides flexibility with its storage solutions if you’re unsure of when you’ll need to access your items. A company that offers a non-binding quote offers more flexibility than one with a binding quote. If flexibility is important to you with your move, discuss it with your moving agent, and they’ll be able to tell you how they can best accommodate your needs.

They came on time and quickly packaged everything in blankets and tape. They worked very quickly and efficiently, and all of my belongings were moved safely and without damage. I was seriously impressed with the speed at which it all to done, yet everything was done to perfection. NYC Movers were professional and were careful with my belongings. The only issue I had was that the coordinator on the phone told me I’d get 3 movers yet 4 people showed up so I had to scramble last minute to cover the fourth person’s tip.

At Veteran, we pride ourselves on putting our customers first and getting the job done right. Our team is trustworthy, our process is seamless and we treat all of your belongings with love.. Our mission is to get our employees and our customers to where they want to go in life. Oz Moving & Storage factors all labor expenses and fuel costs when providing your Guaranteed Price.

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