Play Football Online and Avoid the Addiction Scale

One great example is the Perfect Kick 2! It is a perfect soccer online game for those who idolize the game from the years. Play against other players all over the world using a high quality and fast web connection in a perfect kicking game online. Enjoy this online soccer game at your own comfort now on your computer for absolutely free. You can register as a player right away to have the full fun and excitement.

You can even be a goalkeeper in this online soccer game! It is one of the popular free soccer games becoming more popular among the masses today. This online game allows you to be a goalkeeper in a lot of ways. You can choose to keep it in your side or start to defend it when there are scores of your opponent’s football games. When the opposing team scores, you just have to save the goal and continue with your goalkeeping duties. You can play as a goalkeeper for at least two minutes to make use of this feature.

You also get to have the chance to be a coach for the player. You may issue challenges to the opposing players, which they must fulfill or you can also be a coach yourself and instruct the players accordingly. Some of the available coaching options are available with the purchase of this fun-filled and free online soccer games. There are various ways in which you can be a coach for the player such as giving instructions through a text message, email or sms.

You will also get to experience what it is like being a professional soccer player. The different levels let you progress towards the top. Each level is designed to test your ability to be a good goalkeeper. The last objective of the game comes as an ultimate challenge for you. You will be tasked to save the soccer ball from being stolen by the other team. The last objective is set higher than the rest, so that you must ensure that you score the winning goal to win.

It comes with four customizable power-ups. These power-ups are useful once they are used. They allow you to control different aspects of the game such as controlling the goalkeeper. The power-ups also increase the speed and agility of the player. You are then required to take control of the ball to score goals for your team.

The addictive factor of this pkv judi qq game makes it more interesting. Players who are hooked on this game will do everything to stay on top. Those who are not hooked definitely find this game boring. So those looking for the best soccer games should try out Slime Soccer.

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