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This is a truly classic Korean game that dates back to the Three Kingdoms period (57 BCE – 668 CE). It’s personally my favorite Korean game and one that I’ve enjoyed with my family members back in the USA. Jwibulnori is a game that might appear dangerous at first but has a lasting history among Koreans. The purpose of this game is to create beautiful streaks of light via a can filled with flammable items. The original intention of this game was to exterminate insects and rats during the first full moon in the Lunar New Year. The 먹튀 game is commonly played on sand where you need to draw a shape like squid and can be played with several players.

In this game, players have to quickly say words from which the first syllable is the last syllable of the previous word. For example, if one player says “치마” , the second player can say “마지막” , and the third could say “막걸리” , and so on. If they fail to come up with a word under this timeframe, they score a negative point. To make the torchlight, you need to tie a basket or some kind of container onto a long string.

When the player messes up their moves, the members will switch roles. The game increases in difficulty if the band moves higher up the legs. If the band goes as high as the other player’s heads, the player in the middle will have to stand on their hands to move their feet around the band. Once the player who is “it,” i.e., the pansu, is chosen, other players wander around and clap their hands to let the pansu know where they are.

Therefore, players were ranked depending on the proximity of their sickle to the stick, which often led to difference in opinions and, ultimately, scuffles in disagreement. The loser, whose grass is taken away, must stay behind to cut grass or trees, before returning home late. There is a variation of this game where players pile up their bundle of grass or firewood nice and high and throw their sickle from a distance of m, one by one. It is difficult to throw a sickle over a great distance in order to precisely stick a sickle to a stack of grass or firewood set at a higher location.

This will then be followed by the Guess Who game wherein Na PD holds up a picture of a public personality, mostly Western and South Korean. Then, the players will have to say that person’s name out loud. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to get some inspo for fun activities. Christmas is best spent partying with your good ‘ol friends, don’t you think? However, if dancing the night away is not your cup of tea, a fun workaround is staying up late over drinks and games.

However, if the person with the garakji/object is caught, they are now the finder. The game is played by two players; the order is decided first. Two lines are drawn on the floor and players stand at regular intervals.

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