Horticultural Supplies

Check out Custom Design for further details of manufacturing Plastic Pots in India. For seller-fulfilled items from Fine Art category, the sellers need to be informed of the damage / defect within 10 days of delivery. If you do not receive a response from the seller for your return request within two business days, you can submit an A-to-Z Guarantee claim.

On this page you’ll discover more about getting the most out of your crop, how this website contributes to broader knowledge by the team of specialists, and how to make the ordering process more efficient. Whether you cultivate vegetables or cut flowers, creating the best quality with maximum yield is always the challenge. Royal Brinkman helps professional growers to excel in their business, with horticulture supply divided into seven themes.

This facility and our other locations meet all requirements for safe and efficient storage of horticultural supplies. Grow bags are the go-to choice for commercial growers who want to reduce waste, increase yield, and improve the overall success of their plants. We provide wholesale fabric and plastic grow bags for any horticultural or bulk agricultural project that needs a natural root pruning mechanism. Almost all our products are molded from high grade recycled plastic and in an increasingly competitive world we maintain a high standard of quality which allows us to export world wide. Here at Sage Horticultural, we make Horticultural supplies available across Australia at exceptional prices and have done so for over 35 years.

Aeration containers provide a straightforward way to get great results, excellent yields, and high-quality harvests. To meet your requirements, we offer air pruning pots made from black injection-molded plastic, thermoformed HDPE, and blow-molded plastic in many diameters and heights. To deliver nursery or greenhouse supplies globally we have several possibilities. These depend on the location to which we have to ship the supplies for horticulture. Below you can read more about our shipments to the United Kingdom, Australia, the USA, Canada, the Scandinavian countries , Asia and Africa. If you want to request multiple horticultural supplies, it easier to login.

So whether you are at the start, middle or end of the horticulture production line/chain our products and packaging should help you bring another year to a successful close. We also stock products from the Moorgreen range, ideal for garden centres and retailers. This item is non-returnable due to it being a Health or Personal Care product. However, in the unlikely event of a damaged, defective or different/wrong item delivered to you, we will provide a full refund or free replacement as applicable.

Strong plastic mesh tubing is made from low density polythene which tightly wraps around an item offering measurable protection. Strong polypropylene net that is durable and lightweight, offering excellent support for both plants and flowers that require horizontal stabilisation and climbers or vegetables that require vertical support. At Royal Brinkman we have a team of experienced and dedicated product specialists with specialised knowlegde.

First of all, searching for suitable horticultural supplies is fast and easy using the search bar on top of the page. This search bar is continuously improved to show you the right greenhouse supplies you searched for. In the search results you’re likely to find products with an icon that says ‘tips & advice’.

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