GunBound is the first action game to enter the World Cyber Game

On top of that, Indonesia has some fierce competition from its neighbor, Malaysia, which has tax incentives. That’s a lot like how Australia has tax breaks and work visas that make it easy to prey upon the New Zealand game economy. Lots of government ministers and leaders spoke about the need to transform their nation of 271 million people into a digital economy — even though roughly 95% of the economy is currently non-digital.

That’s about 38% of the share of the unicorns in the ASEAN region, the government said. During the pandemic, the economy has seen lower inflation and better relative growth. Now that’s pretty awesome propaganda, but the country has real reasons to see the potential in games. All in all, the implementation of the PSE regulation can be seen as a positive step in terms of providing new opportunities and create fairness among all the game developers operating in Indonesia.

Due to the growing number of smartphones and internet users in Indonesia, mobile playbook88 will undoubtedly continue to rule the gaming industry there. By 2025, 89.2% of Indonesians are expected to own smartphones. Chen hopes the government can encourage big companies to invest in startups by giving them a tax break if they invest in smaller companies.

And Bali itself has just eight game studios, said Orlando “Nando” Nehemia, the head of Big Fire Studios and Miracle Gates Entertainment in Bali. Roughly 50 million Indonesian gamers spent $1.9 billion on games last year. But only $7 million of that amount was spent on games made in Indonesia, said Arief Widhiyasa, chairman of Agate, in an interview with GamesBeat. Still, the revenue was enough to support companies like Agate, which has 200 people in Bandung, and Anantarupa Studios, which has more than 80 people in Jarkata.

Thousands of people earned several times the minimum wage in the Philippines during the lockdown. But as the prices of Axie Infinity’s token plummeted and new players became scarce, the players could no longer earn the money that they had before. And now the studio is also developing a blockchain game, as Chen believes that, after blockchain technology becomes entrenched, content opportunities will follow. Chen started thinking about blockchain as early as 2016, and he thinks his team can build a bridge from Web2 to Web3.

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