Greater peace of mind than having manned guarding services

Our trained operatives can also provide front of house security, close protection and door supervision security services. At MEC Security all of our manned guarding London guards are SIA-approved, ensuring that integrity and the safety of our clients businesses remains at the heart of everything that we do. We are proud to be in the top 5% of all Security Industry Authority Approved Contractors for the provision of security guarding. We are also accredited by the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme , recognised as adequately managing health and safety with our experience, ability and resources. These are just some of the accreditations we hold at 1st Class Protection and indicate how reliable our company and services are. Contact us for more details on how we can help you with your security requirements.

Our security services also include the installation of CCTV, keyholding and mobile patrols. We can help to create a complete and cost effective security package to suit your needs. Should you want to know more about our manned guarding security service, get in touch with us today.

Our industry-leading wellbeing program sees our security guards receive regular visits to ensure that they are happy and healthy at home and in general, not just properly provided for at work. A happy guard is a better guard, and a better guard is more effective at helping protect your business. Highly visible office security guards provide an excellent deterrent to potential criminals, but we can deliver less visible guards should your business require. Our bespoke setup allows you to tailor the service you receive to perfectly fit your business’ requirements. Reliable, friendly, and ultra-professional, our security guards are perfect for hotel security.

There is no greater deterrent for would-be criminals than the physical presence of a highly trained security guard. That is why manned guarding security services are often at the core of any effective security solution. Whether you are looking to protect your home or complex of apartments, place of work, school or college, assets, colleagues, family or yourself, there is no greater peace of mind than having manned guarding services. Knowing that trusted professionals are working tirelessly to anticipate, prevent and manage any potential threats that may occur will leave you feeling safe and secure.

If someone does get into the property, having a Total Guard security guard on hand can help to reduce your losses. Britannia K9’s Security Officers remain on site and act as a deterrent to crime, and help to protect against Health and Safety risks, loss and waste. All of our officers are fully licensed and vetted to the latest SIA requirements. Our guards are trained in customer service so they can foster a good rapport with employees, helping to deliver a positive working environment. Concierge staff are not only security professionals, they are also the public face of your company.

All our security guards hold the accredited SIA licence and undergo a DBS check before joining our manned guarding team. Furthermore, they are First Aid trained to respond to emergencies before the ambulance or police arrive. This is particularly reassuring, considering that London traffic can often delay the time it takes for emergency services to arrive at a location.

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