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This is how a digital printer can produce edge to edge magazines and brochures. Which makes small production runs more economic than offset printing for the customer which is suited to larger volume orders. SRA stands for ‘supplementary raw format A’ and is slightly larger than the standard A series sizes. As shown below, standard sra3 paper is 297 x 420 mm and the SRA3 size is 320 x 450 mm. SRA3 is the paper size most commercial digital print machines will take. Lithographic or offset printers can of course, print larger sizes.

SILK COATED DIGITAL PAPER AND BOARD features leading brands of double side coated silk paper and board specially developed for digital print processes and production colour laser printing. These are typically multi-coated, silk matte digital art printing papers engineered to deliver high quality and attractive printed media. XEROX Digital Carbonless Paper is a range of coloured carbonless paper specially developed for multi-part form production in digital print processes. PCL3 Digital® SRA3 labels are specifically designed for maximum stability and simplicity of use and are based on the highly versatile and successful PCL™ format.

If you don’t get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us. As soon as you are registered, you can login with your e-mail address and your password. Digital print companies price for work by dividing the quantity the customer requires, by the amount of copies they can fit onto an SRA3 sheet. The result gives the amount of sheets of paper they need and the amount of impressions to run on the print machine, which both have a cost. Added together they are then marked up to a small profit for the print company.

We have expanded our range of papers for laser printing with a new material – satin double-sided paper for colour laser printing with a weight of 170 g/m2. Matte DS Colour Laser Paper is a supercalendered paper with multi-layer double-sided coating for laser printing with a higher demand to comfortableness of text and image perception. A smooth matte finish delivers excellent images, printed on monochrome or colour laser printers, and copiers. Lomond Colour Laser Paper Series is designed for high quality full-colour laser print technologies with dry or liquid toner. The series is recommended for speed printing of colour documents, booklets, loose leaves, leaflets, cards, posters and preprints.

One Sided Board is a range of single side coated boards suitable for greeting card and packaging applications. Xerox Floor GraphiX is an indoor Floor Graphic material from Xerox, designed for dry toner laser printers. A lot of people think that the paper print companies print on is the same size as the finished job. For example, you might need A4 flyers and assume that we print onto A4 sheets, like a basic desktop printer. However, like your desktop printer, commercial printers also cannot print edge to edge of any paper, which leaves a white border on the document. What we do at inteliprint, is use SRA3 sized paper and trim the art down to the required standard A series size.

Australian made, Botany is environmentally super-friendly in so many ways. It is 100% post-consumer waste recycled – providing a genuine recycled, industrial appearance whilst being extremely well priced. Our offer is aimed at trade, handwork and liberal professions for use in commercial activities. If you are running print jobs over the Christmas and New Year period we would advise placing your order by 15th December to avoid any last minute delivery issues. The A3 paper feature is ideal for organisations that have a lot to say.

The large surface area is perfect for conveying relevant company information, embroidering with bespoke visuals, or carving out crucial projects without being restricted in space. Contact us today and we will answer your questions on your printing needs. For example, a finished sheet of A3 paper is 420mm x 297mm, but SRA3 is 450mm x 320mm.

Although the product you will receive is larger than its standard “A” size, please ensure your artwork stays within the maximum printable area. An additional advantage to A3 measurements is that this paper type is extremely lightweight. It can be hung on walls and bulletin boards or perhaps folded to formulate a flyer; this can then be handed out to passers-by or posted with a custom-made envelope as a mail-out campaign. All Lomond Color Laser Copy papers are certified for HP Indigo® printers. Lets find the best product from our great and wide product range!

SRA3 printing involves using paper sizes measured in SRA rather than “A” sizing. SRA stands for “supplementary raw format A” and is of a slightly larger size. For example, the standard measurements for A3 paper are 297mm x 420mm, whereas SRA3 paper’s measurements are 320mm x 450mm. Pro Design is a top quality, uncoated paper for professional colour laser printing. The area that we can’t print on, the outer unprinted white parts, is trimmed down afterwards, leaving us with a finished, edge-to-edge A3 print as required. SRA3 is a common size that most commercial digital print machines take.

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