40 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

We have Spider plant, Dracaena, Ficus, Peace Lily, Aloe Vera, etc. Buy plants online that can be kept either inside the house or in the balcony depending on the amount of sunlight the plant needs. The plants are potted in beautiful vases that can be kept in the smallest of spaces in your home and office.

Rose comes with many symbolic meanings like love, friendship, gratitude, beauty, purity etc and the interpretations vary with the color of the flower. So, check for the right color code before you buy into the intended person. Rose care guide is simple as the plant requires full sunlight with regular water and pots with good drainage channels. You can also add little fertilizer to encourage better blooms. Trying to find the best present for the plant lover in your life? We all have that one person in our group who loves plants.

There are a number of Ficus elastica varieties grown successfully indoors which includes, “”.. Every plant you sow is supposed to bring positivity in an individual’s life. Plants play an essential role in energizing our surroundings and sucking away all the negativity. According to Vastu Shastra, there are certain plants that we all should plant in our homes to bring out the best of a green lifestyle and to detoxify the surroundings. For plants, we offer same-day, fixed-time, and even late-night delivery. The Syngonium Pink plant is a tremendous oxygen-producing indoor plant.

Plants as gift bring warmth and endearment that most regular presents won’t. Whether its a return gift for a birthday, corporate gifting or wedding favours, we have something for you. Our range of Plant cadeau is designed to suit every need and budget. Those are some of the best plant gift ideas for birthday, weddings, and casual purposes for various occasions. With such rich symbolism, health benefits and eco-friendly nature, plants make for the best gifts ever!

Chat with our plant care experts on the Grow-How® Team for help. Add plants to their self-care routine with this botanical facial steam featuring calendula flowers, rose petals, and rosehip. If they love plants, they probably love when their beauty products are organic and honor Mother Nature as much as possible.

A gift is good when it has utility and gifting plants is the most eccentric and eco-friendly gift that one can give. One of the biggest of the plant gift considerations is size. Check on the plant’s mature size and make sure it will fit comfortably in the home.

To rock your region, all you need is a little room and some green kids. Popular houseplants include the lucky bamboo plant, spider plant, Tulsi, and ferns. If your giftee is the latter, pair their plant gift with a bag of organic potting soil, lava rocks , and printed potting instructions.

The snake plant would rather be neglected than overwatered, and is a great gift plant for anyone who might forget about it entirely on a regular basis. The corn plant is another excellent gift choice for someone living in an apartment or house with lots of shade. They are forgiving of variable light conditions and watering routines. It grows slowly, but can reach a height of four to six feet, and at maturity can make an impressive floor plant in a large pot.

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